Veronica Lynn


I am a PhD student in computer science at Stony Brook University, under the advisement of Profs. Niranjan Balasubramanian and Andy Schwartz. I received my BA in computer science from Carleton College in 2013 and joined Stony Brook that fall. My primary research interest is in human centered NLP, that is, the idea that natural language processing models can be improved using knowledge of who wrote the text.


Residualized Factor Adaptation for Community Social Media Prediction Tasks
Mohammadzaman Zamani, H. Andrew Schwartz, Veronica E. Lynn, Salvatore Giorgi, and Niranjan Balasubramanian
EMNLP, 2018

CLPsych 2018 Shared Task: Predicting Current and Future Psychological Health from Childhood Essays
Veronica E. Lynn, Alissa Goodman, Kate Niederhoffer, Kate Loveys, Philip Resnik, and H. Andrew Schwartz
Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology, 2018

Human Centered NLP with User-Factor Adaptation
Veronica E. Lynn, Youngseo Son, Vivek Kulkarni, Niranjan Balasubramanian, and H. Andrew Schwartz
EMNLP, 2017 [code]

POE: A Pathology Extraction Tool for Finding Attribute-Value Pairs in Glioma Pathology Reports
Veronica E. Lynn, Niranjan Balasubramanian, Tahsin Kurc, Joel Saltz, and Rebecca Jacobson
Podium Abstract at AMIA Annual Symposium, 2016

Semantic Role Labeling for Process Recognition Questions
Samuel Louvan, Chetan Naik, Veronica Lynn, Ankit Arun, Niranjan Balasubramanian, and Peter Clark
K-CAP Scientific Knowledge Workshop, 2015

Additional Experience

I developed Angry Words, an automated crossword solver, for my senior project at Carleton. I worked to create a number of modular "solvers", each of which answered individual clues based on their own particular knowledge domain. I also helped develop an algorithm to combine the solvers' candidate answers into a single solution for the puzzle.

I spent two summers working at RedJack. During my second summer, I created a deep belief network using a non-linear, tree-based network of restricted Boltzmann machines to classify network packet data.

I also participated in the SURF-IT summer research program, where I worked on a project to investigate the use of sarcasm in online debates.


email: me AT veronicaelynn DOT com
twitter: veronicaelynn
github: kolvia